Strengthening and Saving Military Marriages

Has the military taken a heavy toll on your relationship? Military life presents challenges that those outside the military will never understand. The frequent relocations, separations due to deployments, the inherent danger that comes with a military career, and the military spouse’s work hard/play hard mentality, can often lead to a loss of trust, poor communication, lack of intimacy, infidelity, and ultimately divorce.

This program is suited for active-duty, reservist and discharged military couples. Active Duty military couples receive a 10% discount on our services.


  • We survived and grew closer during our 27-year military career and we’re committed to helping other military couples to start their tour of duty together and complete their mission together stronger and more committed to one another.
  • We will guide you in building a strategic roadmap to help you navigate through the minefields of military life and avoid the tactical pitfalls that undermine far too many military relationships.
  • We will help you to apply bold communication skills to create a winning atmosphere to conquer your relationship challenges.
  • Together we will develop a campaign plan to address the impacts of frequent moves, repeat deployments, the danger of military service, and negative escape behaviors (i.e., alcohol, affairs, social media, etc.).

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