Pre-Marital Counseling and Marriage Tune-Up

This is especially for you, if you were raised in a single parent family and never witnessed long-term positive relationships between your parents. However, given this, you find yourself driven to marry or co-habitate, but are soon frustrated when then you realize that marriage doesn’t come with an instruction manual or a roadmap. Let us be the role models you never had.

These programs are suited for married couples, engaged couples, couples thinking about marriage, and committed couples and partnerships.


  • We will guide you through an exploration of the definition of love.
  • Couples will learn how to nurture life-long intimacy and commitment.
  • You will learn how to accept the differences and celebrate the uniqueness of your mate.
  • We will share the challenges we overcame to help you to believe you can overcome any storm that comes your way.
  • Myra and I will lead you to a deeper understanding of your marriage.

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